Deacons (1)

MISSION STATEMENT: To assist the Pastor when needed as he ministers and guides the flock of God.  The mission of the Deacon ministry embraces and supports the overall mission of the church.  As a ministry of the body of Christ, we will diligently seek after the spiritual and physical well-being of the congregation.

PURPOSE: The goal as a ministry is to ensure that each member thereof fully understands the origination, qualifications, and duties of a Deacon as mandated by God.  This will assist in better serving the congregation and our Pastor.



MISSION STATEMENT: To assist the Pastor and the Deacon’s Ministry in preparation of the ordinances of the church which is Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

 PURPOSE:  Any woman who exhibits biblical characteristics and are genuinely interested in doing God’s work can serve as a Deaconess. Being selected to serve as a Deaconess is not predicated on one’s husband serving on the Deacon Ministry.  They are women who encourage positive thinking about the church and assist with spiritual matters of the church.  Deaconess work wisely, devotedly and effectively as advisors to women in the church.